How did God bring Creator’s Kitchen together in Olney, MD?

In August 2009, Women of Faith came to DC for their annual tour. Becky and Kim both attended. They met for the first time at the event while dancing to Mandisa. Becky offered metro riders, Kim and her friend Diane, a ride home in her snazzy minivan, where they quickly discovered their mutual passion for health and healing via God’s natural path. Before you could say, “I love organics”, they had Diane’s head spinning with plenty of excitement and encouragement to end the evening and the car ride home.

The nuttiness continued back at Becky and Kim's households. Common greetings between them were, “Where do you get…, and have you tried…. Here’s another great recipe to try.” In these brief exchanges, Kim and Becky encouraged one another and others.

Kim’s desire to dive deeper into healthier cuisine led her to hire Becky’s 14-year-old daughter as a personal chef, two meals a week. A home schooled wanna-be-chef, primarily raised on healthy gourmet, provided inexpensive help and ideas!

Over the past ten years, Becky shared resources and guidance to others via email, in person, and through a former health group called Stone Soup. She was looking for a better way to share her files, previous health groups, and fun. God tapped Kim to bring her experiences together under one umbrella (or ‘cloche’ as it were). So, Kim tapped Becky to help her rally God’s troops. This is how The Creator’s Kitchen was born.